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A global pandemic. Protests. Riots. Killer Bees? As if Americans didn’t have enough to stress about, now on top of it all, we have a presidential election to deal with! According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, “More than half of U.S. adults (56%) identify the 2020 presidential election as a significant stressor.”

Now we might not be able to help with those other hot-button issues, but an election? We’ve got this. Introducing 2020 Election CBD Gummies from Prep Right CBD. We created a CBD product that not only offers people the chance at a little relaxation, but also provides a fun way to show support for their favorite political party. Together, maybe we can find a way through 2020 while helping to make America laugh again!

introducing 2020 election cbd gummies

The Stress-Free Way to Show Your Support in 2020

Nutrition Facts the “laid-back” liberal - PrepRight CBD Gummies

the "laid-back" liberal

What’s better than free healthcare? How about a CBD-infused gummy that ALSO allows you to express your political opinions. Ok, maybe not as good, but at least you can send a message that you’re taking America back…one blue gummy at a time!

Nutrition Facts the “calm” conservative - PrepRight CBD Gummies

the "calm" conservative

It’s the CBD edible destined to make America great again. 100% made in the good ol’ U.S. of A. With no THC you can get all the benefits while still maintaining a strong moral fiber. Show your friends and family you can be progressive while still maintaining your conservative values.

see who is leading the way in the

race to relaxation

Blue - 59%

Red - 41%

Current poll results based on nationwide purchases. Results updated daily. Show your support with the purchase of either a red or blue jar!

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